5 Best Game Boy Puzzle Games (2020)

Best Game Boy Puzzle Games

We can’t get over the best Game Boy puzzle games. The little handheld device is home to a number of fantastic challenges and brain-teasers, including some of gaming’s most iconic titles. Tetris, anyone? After careful consideration, …

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5 Best Super Game Boy Games (2020)

Best Super Game Boy Games

Ever miss the simplicity of the good ‘ol days when video games looked like, well, video games? With all the technological advances in recent years, graphics have gone from simple sprites to 3D models to …

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The Best GBC Pokémon Games RANKED

Best GBC Pokemon Games Ranked

Remember the good ‘ol days when there were only 150 Pokémon? Or when Gold & Silver launched and introduced a whole new generation of pocket monsters and enhanced mechanics? Ah, nostalgia. The Pokémon games for …

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