15 Rarest + Most Expensive N64 Games [Nintendo 64]

Check out the article below for a look at the most expensive N64 games around.

It was the summer of 1996. Rumors were swirling about a new console from Nintendo — something to replace the aging SNES. But could the theories about a strange rectangular box and a wacky 3-prong controller really be true?

The rest, as they say, is gaming history.

While the N64 console was only a moderate commercial success, it’s games were nothing short of legendary. Titles like Super Smash Bros, Ocarina of Time, and Mario Kart 64 dominated the charts for years. Even today, the Nintendo 64’s incredible library is a collector’s paradise, and the most expensive N64 games prove just how sought after the console’s titles can be.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well, gear up for more, because we’re going over the rarest of the rare games on the N64. Whether you’re looking to value your collection, or just relive your childhood, this article has you covered. Ready to check out the most expensive N64 games on the market? Let’s get started.

Top 15 Most Expensive N64 Games

Starting at #15, let’s work our way down to discover the #1 most expensive N64 game around.

15. Starcraft 64

Loose Value: $175 | Sealed Value: $1,275

Starcraft 64 - #15 Most Expensive N64 Games
  • Region: PAL
  • Genre: RTS
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release: 2000

First up on our list of most expensive N64 games is Starcraft from the PAL region (Europe).

Starcraft is one of the most popular real-time strategy games ever created. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Starcraft revolutionized the genre with a slew of new mechanics combined with creative storytelling.

By the time the N64 version was released in 2000, Starcraft already had a sizable following. To meet player’s high expectations, the N64 port was meticulously crafted to remain as true to the PC version as possible. It even includes a handful of exclusive missions!

Although it was released over two decades ago, Starcraft continues to maintain a loyal player base. Its legacy is unrivaled in the RTS genre, and the game’s incredible desirability places it at #15 of rare Nintendo 64 games.

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14. Stunt Racer

Loose Value: $200 | Sealed Value: $1,675

Stunt Racer 64
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer: Boss Game Studios
  • Release: 2000

Gear up and roll out because Stunt Racer is up next.

Stunt Racer is a (surpise!) racing game developed by Boss Game Studios and published by Midway. It released in late 2000, near the end of the N64’s lifecycle.

The premise? At the start of each game, players select a character and car before battling it out in a no-holds-barred Grand Prix tournament. Compete against AI opponents as you race for dominance on the track. It’s a rousing good time, and quite the challenge at later stages.

What makes Stunt Racer one of the most valuable N64 games? In short, it was a Blockbuster exclusive title that never released outside the States. Only a handful of copies were sold, and even fewer made it out in sealed condition. Manage to get your hands on one, and you’ve found quite the treasure!

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13. Diddy Kong Racing [Not for Resale]

Loose Value: $225

Diddy Kong Racing NFR
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Racing
  • Developer: Rare
  • Release: 1997

Remember Diddy Kong Racing? Sure, the controls weren’t quite as smooth as Mario Kart, but it didn’t matter — the planes and hovercrafts were enough to satisfy even the most die-hard adrenaline junkies.

Combine those cool mechanics with the full roster of Diddy Kong characters (including Banjo the Bear), and you quite the nostalgic title.

Like all the [Not for Resale] cartridges on this list, Diddy Kong Racing [NFR] was a promotional cartridge for use in retail and rental stores. After displaying it for a set period of time, stores were supposed to send the cartridges back to Nintendo, or destroy them.

Fortunately, a few managed to survive. And that makes Diddy Kong Racing one of the rarest N64 games on the market.

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12. WCW Backstage Assault [Grey Cart]

Loose Value: $250

Backstage Assault
  • Region: South America 
  • Genre: Sports
  • Developer: Kodiak Interactive
  • Release: 2000

You’d be mistaken if you thought wrestling only happened in the ring. In this version of WCW, it’s all backstage, baby.

Get your VIP ticket to the action with WCW Backstage Assault. Aside from where the fights take place, Backstage Assault plays like typical titles in the genre, with all the same moves and rules. Not only that, but BA includes a familiar roster of star characters including Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart.

What makes this version an N64 game worth money? Well, most copies of WCW Backstage Assault are blue. Mysteriously, a handful of grey cartridges have surfaced from Mexico and South America (MSA). A few have even come up for sale in recent years, with prices reaching hundreds of dollars a pop.

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11. WWF No Mercy [USA-1]

Loose Value: $250

No Mercy
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Sports
  • Developer: Syn Sophia
  • Release: 2000

Another Wrestling game? You bet! WWF No Mercy [USA-1] is one of the most expensive N64 games on the market for a reason, and we can’t leave it out.

While most copies of the game feature the label [USA], a handful boast a strange variant that reads [USA-1]. What’s the deal?

Well, the original WWF No Mercy game shipped with a few too many bugs. So THQ, the publisher, released an announcement, offering free replacements to players who wrote in. As you might expect, few players cared enough to take advantage of this offer. Those who did, however, received a copy with a product code that ended in [USA-1], not [USA].

In the world of game collecting, this makes all the difference! And in the two decades since the game’s release, WWF No Mercy [USA-1] has become a rare N64 game, indeed, fetching prices upwards of $250 per copy.

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10. Pokémon Snap [Not for Resale]

Loose Value: $275

Pokemon Snap NFR - #10 Most Expensive N64 Games
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Rail Shooter
  • Developer: HAL Laboratory
  • Release: 1999

Picture this: it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. School just let out for the summer and you’ve got several months of non-stop gaming ahead of you. Today, your mom is taking you to BlockBuster to check out the latest releases. As you pull up, a glimpse of Pikachu catches your eye from the window. You go inside, and what do you see? A kiosk with Pokémon Snap, waiting for you to come and play!

Pokémon Snap’s premise is simple. Hop aboard the Poke rail and ride around Pokemon Island, snapping photos of rare pocket monsters for good ‘ol Professor Oak’s research. The more photos you manage to take, the higher your score. But be quick! Pokémon spook easily, and the rail moves fast! Think you’re quick enough to catch a glimpse at any legendaries?

The Pokémon Snap [Not for Resale] cartridge is one of the rarest N64 games on our list. Why? It was a retailer exclusive and wasn’t meant for distribution. For one reason or another, though, a handful of copies made their way onto the market. And like the ever-elusive Mew, Pokémon Snap has become one of the rarest of them all!

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9. 007 GoldenEye [Not for Resale]

Loose Value: $300

Goldeneye NFR
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: FPS
  • Developer: Rare
  • Release: 1997

The name’s Bond. James Bond.

Introducing 007 Goldeneye [Not for Resale]! Inspired by the legendary James Bond franchise, Goldeneye was a major hit on the Nintendo 64. It was one of the first console FPS games, and it marked a turning point for the genre.

Hop into the arena to complete missions, or go at it against your friends in multiplayer mode. Using the N64 controller’s joystick, you can move about the map, collecting items and completing tasks as necessary. And when the time, all it takes is a quick squeeze of your right trigger finger to lay waste to your enemies.

Goldeneye was created by Rare, one of the leading developers of the time. Combined with the game’s legacy and the rarity of the [NFR] edition, 007 Goldeneye is one of the most expensive N64 games on the market.

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8. Super Bowling 64

Loose Value: $325 | Sealed Value: $1,000

Super Bowling 64
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Sports
  • Developer: KID
  • Release: 2001

First released on the Super NES back in the early ‘90s, Super Bowling made a comeback when it launched for the N64 on January 15, 2001.

Super Bowling is exactly what you’d expect — a game about bowling! Choose between Normal, Practice, and Golf Modes, and knock the pins down with your mad bowling skills, yo. Strike ⁠— you win!

What makes SB one of the rarest and most expensive N64 games? For one, it’s a classic with entertaining gameplay and lighthearted mechanics. And two, it released at the very end of the N64’s lifecycle. Given the N64’s waning popularity (and the rise of the PS2), Nintendo manufactured relatively few copies.

Manage to get your hands on a sealed version, and you’re looking at a cool $1,000.

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7. Donkey Kong 64 [Not for Resale] Grey

Loose Value: $325

Dk64 NFR
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Developer: Rare
  • Release:  1999

DK… Donkey Kong!

Introducing the legendary ape in full 3D glory! Assume control of Donkey Kong as you explore an island in search of the ever-elusive King K. Rool and his minions. Complete puzzles and navigate the storyline to stop Rool’s evil plans and save your friends from certain annihilation. Think you’ve got what it takes?

While we’ve included many [Not for Resale] titles on this list, Donkey Kong 64 is unique.

That’s because, unlike the mainstream edition of the game that came in a yellow cartridge, the [NFR] is grey! Moreover, the label on the front indicates an ESRB rating of RP for rating pending. While it ultimately went on to receive an E for Everyone approval, this was the first time an N64 cartridge shipped to retailers without a final verdict.

Altogether, this puts Donkey 64 at #7 on our list of rare Nintendo 64 games!

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6. Wide-Boy 64

Loose Value: $325

Wide Boy 64
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Adapter
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • Release: N/A

Okay, okay. So the Wide-Boy 64 isn’t technically a game. But it’s really cool, and we just had to put it on our list.

Modeled after the Super Game Boy for the SNES, the Wide-Boy 64 lets you play your favorite Game Boy games on your TV! All you have to do is insert the Wide-Boy cartridge, pop in your favorite GB game, and voila! 8-bit graphics in full CRT glory!

Unfortunately, the Wide-Boy 64 was more of a test and display unit than anything else, and it never reached the mainstream marketplace. But that’s precisely what makes it so cool and valuable.

Find a Wide-Boy 64 on the aftermarket, and you’re looking at a $325 price tag. Not bad for a game that isn’t a game, eh?

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5. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [Not for Resale]

Loose Value: $350

Turok 2 NFR - #5 Most Expensive N64 Games
  • Region: FPS 
  • Genre: North America
  • Developer: Iguana Entertainment
  • Release: 1998

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is the follow-up to the original smash hit FPS. Players once again take on the role of Turok as he scours the world for six Primagen keys, which unlock the gate to the final boss. Shoot and blast your way through enemy encampments, using cool weapons like bows and arrows, flamethrowers, even spearguns! It’s a wild romp with some glorious early FPS mechanics that’ll leave you wanting more.

Now, what about the [Not for Resale] version of the game? Well, there are a couple of different editions of Turok 2 [NFR]. One is an NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) demo cartridge that only featured the first level of the game, alongside some beta content. This was released to game stores in North American markets.

The second was a replica of the first, with a few key changes in the identification code. Instead of reading USA, it read UKV. What’s the deal?

Well, the UKV cart was released in the PAL (European) regions! This is huge, as the Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [NFR] cartridge was the only [NFR] to make it across the pond in all of the N64’s lifecycle. Pretty epic, eh?

Both copies are considered rare and valuable N64 games, with roughly the same price tag of $350.

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4. Yoshi’s Story International Version

Loose Value: $450

Yoshi International Version
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Platform
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release: 1997

Everybody loves Yoshi! So it’s no surprise that Yoshi’s Story was one of the best-selling N64 games back in 1997. Jump into the role of Yoshi and enter Story Mode or Trial Mode, as you jump and eat your way across charming platform levels.

I know what you’re thinking: Great, but what about the International Version?!

Well, the International Version is a special cartridge featuring a handful of stages from the Japanese version of the game. The strange thing about this is that the Internation Version was supposed to be used to demo the game in North America. An oversight?

Nobody knows for sure. But we do know that the Yoshi’s Story International Version is one of the absolute rarest and most expensive N64 games out there. Recent sales data suggests loose copies can fetch up to $450 or more to the right buyer.

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3. Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut

Loose Value: $475 | Sealed Value: $4,000

Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Developer: Interplay Productions
  • Release: 1998

Imagine an entire video game that’s all about parodying other video games. Introducing Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut.

An updated version of ClayFighter 63⅓, Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut is a claymation fighting game that features your typical beat ‘em up mechanics. But instead of a serious plotline, the game uses silly names and story beats to deliver a ridiculous single-player adventure.

Sculptor’s Cut was a BlockBuster Rental Exclusive and was never sold to the general public. As such, it’s the single most expensive Nintendo 64 game that’s not an [NFR] or special cartridge. Get your hands on a sealed copy, and you’ve sculpted yourself a lovely little nest egg worth upwards of four grand.

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2. Zelda Majora’s Mask [Not for Resale] Grey

Loose Value: $1050

Zelda Majora NFR
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release: 2000

Hey, listen!

Ocarina of Time gets all the credit for revolutionizing the gaming world and making Zelda a household name. But it’s Majora’s Mask that carries the touch and illuminates the way for fan-favorites like Wind Waker and, later, Breath of the Wild.

Set in an alternate reality to Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask takes the same 3D hack n’ slash concepts and flips them on their head! This time around, you’ll be traversing the Land of Termina to save the world from a falling moon. But hurry ⁠— you’ve only got three days! Grab your sword, shield, and Navi, and embark on a quest like no other.

The rarest of the [NFR] cartridges, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a timeless collector’s item. That’s because, unlike similar demo titles, Majora’s Mask features full saves and an array of beta content. It’s a true piece of gaming history and our favorite rare Nintendo 64 game on the market.

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1. Nintendo 64 Test Cartridge

Loose Value: $1300

N64 Test Cart - #1 Most Expensive N64 Games
  • Region: North America
  • Genre: Repair
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release: 1994

Imagine playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time back in 1998. You were having the time of your life, taking down dungeons left and right. The fight with Ganon was coming up, and you were pumped as ever, ready to show him who’s boss. Then, your console stopped working! Oh no! What could you do?

Enter the Nintendo 64 Test Cartridge.

Sold exclusively to certified Nintendo 64 repair shops, the Test Cartridge was designed to help fix common console errors. This includes (but isn’t limited to) issues with power, video and color output, audio, and even buttons on your controller! All shop owners had to do was load up the cartridge and play through a series of diagnostic tests, which pinpointed precisely what was wrong with problematic systems.

As for your N64? After consulting the N64 repair manual and fixing a few loose screws, your console was as good as new (see video). Ganon never stood a chance.

The Test Cartridge was never meant for circulation. In fact, shop owners shelled out a hefty sum to get their hands on a copy, the idea being that they’d return them for a refund. But a handful never made it back to Nintendo HQ. 

Naturally, the Test Cartridge is incredibly rare, and few of them exist. And that, my friends, makes it the most expensive N64 game (cart) around.

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