Welcome to Retro Wizard

Hey everyone! Austin here, owner of Retro Wizard. Today, I’m proud to announce the launch of the new website. I think it looks pretty good, all things considered ^^

So what is Retro Wizard about?

Well, it’s a place to read and learn about retro video games. What classifies as retro? Think anything two console generations back or older. Or about 10 years. That said, most of the content will be on classics like the NES, N64, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, and topics of that nature.

In addition, I’ll be posting game reviews on retro and modern 2D games. That means exciting new content focused primarily on the indie gaming scene. I’ve been a fan of this crowd for a long time, and I’m so ready to finally put myself out there. Believe in yourself, guys. You can do whatever you set your mind to 😀

My goal is to post weekly or bi-weekly updates, but it depends on my schedule. I already write for other gaming sites, and obviously paying my bills takes priority. At some point, though, I hope to develop a content calendar. And who knows? Maybe Retro Wizard will take off and I can focus more of my energy here.

As for now, expect to see regular changes as I continue to tweak the site. I’m totally OCD about these things, and I’ll spend three hours going back and forth on a color. Lol! But the result is usually pretty good.

As for the first article? I’ll give you a hint: think Sonic the Hedgehog and the OG Mortal Kombat.